Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

What is the best way to contact Adventure Commons for more information?

  • By email at

  • By Phone at 815-939-3707

  • Or if you need to mail in a payment our mailing address is 70 Ken Hayes Drive, Bourbonnais, IL 60914


Player Eligibility

What is the minimum age requirement?


Picking up players: Adventure Athletics does not like forfeits. A team may pick up as many as TWO players from another team in order to play on that given day (picked up players must be a registered player, unless the team has roster spots available, then the person can qualify as a pick up player after registering as an individual and paying the individual registration cost). League registered players can “pick up” as many times as they want throughout the season. Absolutely no picking up of players in the playoffs. Please be aware that in our volleyball league, players in our youth league may not pick up adult players. 

Regular Season Eligibility: Captains/Coaches must submit their rosters to League Director before the commencement of the first game. Captains may add players to that roster until reaching the maximum number of players for that sport.

Exceptions: If a team’s roster is full but a season ending injury is sustained, the team can add another player to the roster, however in co-ed leagues the replacement player must be of the same gender.

Playoff Eligibility: To be eligible for the playoffs, the player must be on the team’s roster AND must have played a minimum of one game during the regular season.

Ejections: All ejections will result in the player being suspended from the game he or she was ejected from and the following game. Any player who engages will be removed from the league without refund.

How can I submit my roster?

Please see registration.

Am I guaranteed playtime?

Our management team will do our best to create environments where everyone gets playtime, however, playtime is ultimately a decision left up to coaches and captains.


Payment Information

What is your refund policy?

Registration payments are non-refundable once your sports season starts. Once you register, either individual or team, you have 3 weeks to get a 75% refund.

How can I make a payment?

Please go to our booking and payments page to make a payment AND choose group services.

What is the difference between an individual fee and a team fee?

If you're registering as an individual, that fee applies to you. If you or your captain registers a team, that fee applies to you. Team fees can be split up into multiple payments or paid all at once by your coach or captain.

Is there a deposit required for registration?

Yes. For individual registrants, we require the full registration fee to be paid before we will place you on your team. For team registration, we require $150 in payments to be made before we will place you on the league schedule. Captains can pay the full $150 deposit when they register their team, or have individual teammates make at least $150 in payments to meet this requirement. You may also pay all at once. Team payments may be split up or that captain may pay entire team's fee.

League Uniform Requirements

Are there any jersey requirements?

There are no jersey requirements, however, in any sport, your team is required to wear the same color. It must include your team name. Adventure Athletics offers the option for you to purchase team shirts, but at the end of the day, your captain is responsible for making sure all players have matching shirts whether you already have them, or choose to purchase them from Adventure Athletics. If you would like to add a shirt bundle to your registration fee, you must do so 4 weeks before the first game. Please email our atheletic director for more information at

Do you provide equipment and balls?

Adventure Commons offers most equipment free of charge. Depending on the sport, you can rent some equipment. Balls are free to use. We will provide game balls.



Do I have to have a team to register?

No, you can sign up as a individual by filling out the ‘individual registration’ form. We will then work with you to place you on a team. We typically form an individual team comprised of all those who signed up as individuals on the website. However, we might also place you on a team that signed up if they opted to have an open roster.

What is an "open roster"?

An open roster is the option to leave your roster open for individuals to be placed on your team. Selecting an open roster doesn't mean an individual will be placed on your team, however, when individuals sign up, we typically place them on a team of their own. Keeping your roster open allows your team more players when others can't play, and it allows our managing team an option if a player needs placement. If you do not wish to have individuals on your team, simply select "no" to open roster on registration. If you're an individual or a free agent and you don't want to be placed on a registered team but prefer to be on a team comprised of individual registrants, please note so on your registration form.

If I didn’t get enough for a team and sign up as an individual, can I still get a few of my friends to play on my team?

Yes, each of you needs to sign up as an ‘individual’ and note that you would like to be placed together and we will ensure that happens. You can do this with one friend or as many as you like.

I am a captain/coach. I registered my team, but how do I add players to my roster?

Once you've registered your team, please email us with your team's roster. If you need to edit or add players, you may do so UP TO SEASON'S FIRST GAME. Please email on of our athletic director at to submit your roster and/or to edit it. Please include your teams name and which league you're in. Only captains and coaches may submit/edit a roster.


Game Cancelations

What happens if a game is cancelled?

For whatever reason, snow/inclement weather, we will update everyone on our Facebook page. It's important you follow our Facebook page for updates and news regarding your leagues. This is the best way for us to get information out to everyone in a timely manner.

If your game is cancelled, you will continue to play your leagues regular schedule. If we determine there is time for a make up game, we will contact your captains/coaches and make a decision with them about a make up game.

Facility Regulations

Are there any facility regulations I need to be aware of?

Yes. Below are a few things we'd like all leagues, tenants, and customers to be aware of. Please note that these rules and regulations are to benefit both parties. If you do not abide by these rules and regulations, our staff is within their right to give you a warning or ask you to leave the property. Enforcing these facility rules and regulations keeps everyone safe and allows everyone to win:

  • No outside food or drink inside. Water bottles/gatorade bottles ONLY are permitted on the court. No gum or chewing tobacco are allowed on the court.

  • Keeping this facility clean allows us to keep down on costs and allows a nice place for our community to enjoy activities, therefore, vandalism and littering will not be tolerated.

  • This is a family facility. Please be aware that fighting, profanity, or lewd behavior will not be tolerated.​

  • Please collect all personal belongings and trash before leaving.

  • Children ages 15 and younger MUST be accompanied by and adult.

    • Anyone 18 or older must sign a liability waiver​ to play in our facility, anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a minor liability waiver. ​

    • Tenants that are leasing, you must have your insurance on file with us in order to use our facilities.

  • No pets allowed (service pets are an exception)

  • Proper attire is required to be on our courts, turf, and inside the building. Shirts are required to stay on.


Liability Waiver


Liability Waiver for Adults or Minors